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Live-PA has many features that can create business benefits whilst using call recording. The system can create savings for organisations in time, resources and resolving customer disputes. It can also increase a team's productivity and create an effective training tool.

Business benefits of Live-PA's features:
Feature Use Business Benefit
Permanent call recording within Microsoft® Lync Server 2010 All calls to and from a user of Lync are recorded without the need for the user to initiate the recording Provides compliance ready recording and storage methods for all Lync deployments without the need for complex networking processes
Microsoft® Office Communicator Integration Live-PA adds a buddy to your contact list that manages your call recordings to provide true on-demand call recording Enhances Microsoft® Lync Server 2010 by providing user managed call recording. You have only one interface for chat, calls, conferences and call recording
Microsoft® Outlook Toolbar Live-PA has created a toolbar plug-in for Outlook that allows the user to control the call recording This toolbar integrates the most common desktop application, Outlook, into your management of call recording
Tags Add meaningful tags to recording. Tags are used to assist retrieval and can be edited after the call Using context relevant text helps you retrieve call recordings rather than only using a date, time and phone number
Bookmarks The user uses the Outlook toolbar or Communicator to add comments during the call. Additional bookmarks can be added after the call Recordings can be retrieved by searching for bookmark texts. Bookmarks are also a convenient way to add comments and actions at specific times during the call
Microsoft® Office SharePoint Services Integration Recordings can be accessed via a portal operated through SharePoint Management and usage is streamlined. SharePoint contains file audit trails for compliance purposes
Microsoft® Office Outlook Integration Recordings can be accessed via a form built into Microsoft® Office Outlook This puts access to all your recordings into the main desktop application and familiar working environment that you use each working day
Network Storage All recordings are saved to network servers using Windows Media Audio (WMA) file format This ensures the company's storage policies can be applied to call recording. WMA uses only up to 150 kb per minute of audio
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