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The Live-PA system records any call instigated or received over BroadSoft BroadWorks and stores them in a managed environment. It also allows the end user access to the recordings via an online portal. The product is fully integrated with the BroadSoft platform and provides a solution to satisfy all call recording, scheduling and compliance needs.

Live-PA is available via both on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options, which offers customers flexibility and control over their BroadSoft call recording solution. Both versions are available as a value-add service with a recurring monthly licence fee.

Server-based encryption and storage of BroadSoft call recordings help businesses improve their regulatory needs. The recordings cannot be tampered with or deleted by end users, resulting in a recording that complies with increasingly stringent legal requirements.

Live-PA allows immediate access to call recordings via an online portal. User access can be tailored by the administrator to allow different access levels and recording retention policies to meet the business' needs. Live-PA call recording is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook via an Outlook toolbar plug-in that allows quick and easy access to features such as tagging, bookmarking and other actions which make it easy to search for a BroadSoft call recording and increases business efficiency.
Technical Elements of Live-PA for BroadSoft BroadWorks

Live-PA call recording is made up of a number of elements, the ultimate purpose of which is to receive audio streams from BroadWorks and store them securely. Access to the encrypted recordings is only allowed for authorised users.

Live-PA integrates completely with the BroadWorks security model. When Live-PA call recording is added to a BroadWorks user, their account is enabled for LI (Lawful Intercept), meaning that calls to or from that user will generate a recorded output.

This output is captured by the Live-PA Call Receiver and Live-PA RTP Receiver. These streams are then passed to the Live-PA Decompressor in real-time. This decompresses the audio streams and joins together the multiple streams of a conversation into a single file for the Live-PA Transcoder to encrypt and store, along with associated meta-data generated from the Outlook toolbar.

The Live-PA Outlook toolbar plug-in provides functionality to interact with the system during a call to allow any user with the correct permissions to add tags, bookmarks and actions. These are then stored as metadata against the recorded file.
   Live-PA call recording architecture for BroadWorks

Download our architecture process diagrams on how Live-PA integrates with BroadSoft BroadWorks.

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